GemTAG – B ( Label Roll Printer ) Jewellery Labels

High quality plain white glossy, matte finish and coloured barcode jewellery labels in roll form for printing with special LABEL PRINTER popularly called as BARCODE PRINTER / TAG PRINTER and LABEL PRINTING SOFTWARE  with following features :

  • Jewellery labels are tear resistant i.e. non tear able – 100% polyetser jewellery labels.
  • Jewellery labels are perfectly gummed. High strength hot melt adhesive – strong gumming.
  • Jewellery label is partially gummed (gum free tail) to avoid your your precious jewellery from dirt and dust.
  • Details printed on GemTAG-B jewellery labels with matching and standard ribbon is long lasting, water proof and ultrasonic wash-proof.


Jewelry barcode Label 10020
Jewellery Barcode Label 10020
Jewelry barcode Label 8012
Jewellery Barcode Label 8012