What is a Jewelry Tag Label? : A complete guide for a jewelry tag label and ease of use.

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Jewelry with barcode label tag

Jewelry tag also known as jewelry label or jewelry price tag label and even barcode jewelry tag label nowadays are one and the same. They represent the data, information and description of jewelry or ornament to which they are tied.
In earlier days, this jewelry label tag was hand written with marker pen, which had lots of problems like human error while writing the gross and net weight of gold, silver or diamonds. Perhaps, the obvious problem faced in hand written tags were illegible, unclear and difficult to read handwritings which was turning out to be a problem for the jewelers.
In this modern era, these hand written tags are not a good companion of your precious gold, silver or diamond jewelry ornament. Since everything is up-to-date in this modern era, right from your gorgeous jewelry showroom to modern interiors decors to impressive courteous staff to ultra-modern computer systems and software, the most precious inventory and asset of your showroom – the jewelry should not at all be left out. Your showroom jewelry needs a most decorative, impressive and neatly printed JEWELRY TAG LABEL.

Printed jewelry tag label will save your time along with its aesthetic look and an attractive display of minute details of your jewelry. Also it will help the customer to understand the details on their own to a certain extent and will help them believe the authenticity of the same, which will be an added advantage. Now, you must be having a question in your mind about how and where to get this jewelry tag label. Well, it is quite simple in today’s internet era to get your jewelry tag label at your door-step along with tag label printing software service to make your work very easy.
GemTAG is your perfect one stop solution for all your modern day jewelry barcode tag and labelling solutions. Jewelry tag label for inkjet printer, jewelry tag label for laser printer and jewelry tag label for thermal barcode printer, all are available under one roof. Apart from these jewelry tag labels, we also provide jewelry barcode tag label printing software, which will ease out all your present day tagging problems. GemTAG will print huid code, barcode, qrcode or any hallmark details on your label as per your requirement. Please visit the link below for a complete video presentation of our jewelry tag label software with live print out from a laser printer and a thermal barcode printer:
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